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Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted in what feels like forever - it's been crazy and I've been super busy settling in. Cambridge is absolutely gorgeous, the weather has been amazing these past few days (today is cold and rainy, though) and the people are super nice.

I'd be lying if I said I don't miss home, friends and family, but I'm so fortunate, excited and happy to be here! I just returned from my first lectures this morning, and I almost forgot just how much I love learning. Sure, it's only the first day. A week from now I can assure you I'll be stressing out and wondering what in the world I was thinking when I wrote this. But it's true. I love learning!

Last weekend, a few days after I had settled in, my parents and sister dropped over from London for half a day. It was so nice to see them again. You're probably wondering why and how they would visit for such a short time only three days after I left... Well, we're tight. They are the people I can rely on, trust, who support me and love me unconditionally (it's mutual!). Anyways, I'm getting off track here. The point I'm getting to is the fact that my mom made me loads and loads of good and wholesome food to get me through the next several days and I honestly cannot thank her enough. I haven't been bothered to take a picture of any of it, but I'll definitely list what she brought me below! I cannot keep eating the dining hall food - the options are not bad to be honest: soup, bread rolls, salad bar, two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes, rice, pasta, an assortment of veggies, potatoes and dessert... but it can get boring... and fast. Food is food, after all, and I'll definitely eat there occasionally, but I'm going to try to make other provisions when I'm in the mood. The Sainsbury's grocery store and a Marks & Spencer Food Hall and tons of other possibilities are a stone's throw away.

Once again, I've slightly deviated from what I wanted to share with you - THE FOOD:
(She made this all in one day. I don't know how, but she is the best mom on the planet/in the universe! And all of it is delicious. DELICIOUS.)
- Spinach soup
- Pesto pasta salad with spinach and cherry tomatoes
- Pasta with red pepper sauce, zucchini and spinach
- Chicken quesadilla
- Hummus
- Coconut almond chocolate bars
- Pecan, cranberry, oat cookies
- Scrumptious oat, coconut, fruit and nut breakfast bars
- Chicken salad made with greek yogurt

Things she brought but didn't make herself:
- Fresh salted peanut butter from Whole Foods
- Foccacia bread with olives, tomatoes, basil and feta
- Organic, unsweetened dried mango from Whole Foods
- Lebanese flat bread
- Whole Foods fresh pesto
- Wholemeal bread

While we're on this topic, I'll just list what I already had in my "collection" of food:
- Jar of dates
- Jar of almonds
- Trail mix
- Pecans
- Peanut brittle
- Honey
- Dorset cereal
- Special K cereal
- Fruits: apples, pears, bananas, nectarines, plums
- Milo
- Roasted and salted cashews
- Date and mixed nut squares
- Milk
- Greek yogurt
- Raspberry jam

All I can say is THANK YOU MOM. I love you to infinity and beyond! Apologies in advance that the next recipe post will probably only be when I return home in December, but I'll try to keep posting once in a while with updates on life, food and fitness!

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  1. I miss your wonderful treats....and miss you more!!! Guess who???