Satisfying my Asian Cravings

Having lived in Singapore for the past ten years, it'd be safe to say that Asian food (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Singaporean, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian etc.) is a staple part of my diet. Not in the sense that I cook it at home often, but in the sense that I absolutely love it! Since I left Singapore in July and traveled like crazy for a month and a half and then moved to London, my Asian food consumption has plummeted. I might have eaten four Asian meals (tops!). And I miss it so much! My family and I hit up London Chinatown for a dim sum fix, I ate ramen with friends, went to a high-end Japanese restaurant and cooked noodles at home... but that's not enough for three months and counting!

On top of all this, not only am I not getting Asian food, I miss hot, home-cooked food. Apologies if I sound spoiled, but I mean, a girl's gotta have good food... right?

So, what's my point? I finally (partially... more like very slightly!) satisfied my Asian cravings. On Sunday, my two friends and I went to an Asian joint called Dojo that has three pages dedicated to noodles - wok fried, in broth and with sauce. Top that with an entire page of rice dishes and another of side dishes - Asian food heaven. It offers the entire range from Singaporean to fusion Thai to Hong Kongese! One of my friends had the chicken katsu curry (Japanese) and the other had chicken char siu yellow mee noodles. What did I have, you ask?

Succulent king prawn dumplings, pak choi, chinese leaf, assortment of veggies, thick rice noodles in a light chicken broth. 

The dish was hot, fragrant, huge and absolutely delicious (pretty healthy and fresh as well)! It did the trick for the day, but I'd be lying if I said I don't want more Asian food. Right about now would be nice!

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  1. We are missing Asian food as well...and you too :)