Bucket List of Things to Make

Below are a list of things I want to make (always changing and adding to it!).
I have crossed out the ones that I've made.

cauliflower crust pizza (recipe coming soon!)
molten chocolate lava cake [successfully!] (recipe coming soon!)
nutella stuffed cinnamon sugar muffins
avocado marble cake
cinnamon buns (see here)
baked egg boats (see here)
almond crusted french toast (recipe coming soon!)
three tier-ed cake  
baked doughnuts
almond milk (see here)
zucchini bread (see here and here)
chicken rollatini (see here)
greek yogurt pancakes (recipe coming soon!)
one-ingredient "ice cream" (see here)
banana bread pancakes (recipe coming soon!)
shrimp saffron risotto (recipe coming soon!)
homemade salted caramel (see here)
homemade granola (recipe coming soon!)
orange chocolate cake (see here)
cinnamon coffee cake with streusel (recipe coming soon!)
homemade cinnamon toast crunch (see here)
no-bake cheesecake (see here)
chia seed jam (see here)
raw brownies (see here)

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