Restaurant Wishlist

This is just a running list of places I want to eat at. They're located all over the world and honestly, this list is primarily for me so I don't forget to check out all these yummy places! Please comment below if you have any recommendations/suggestions! Rather than crossing them off, I'll simply delete them off the list. The less clutter, the better!

Cafe Gratitude, California
Juice Baby, London
The Palomar, London
26 Grains, London
GRĂ˜D, Copenhagen

And here's a list of my all time favorite restaurants/cafes/dessert bars - once again, also helpful for me in case I'm in the mood for some good food and one of these slipped my mind!

Din Tai Fung, Singapore
Island Creamery, Singapore
Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Singapore

Chin Chin Ice Cream, London
Homeslice Pizza, London
Honey & Co., London
Kaffeine, London
Min Jiang, London

Afternoon Tease, Cambridge
Espresso Library, Cambridge
Indigo Coffee House, Cambridge

Sea Lounge at the Taj, Mumbai
Shree Thakar Bhojanalay, Mumbai

La Serre, Dubai

1 comment:

  1. Iggys, singapore
    Les amis, singapore
    Kramerbooks & Afterwords, DC

    ah there are so many more !