Guilty Pleasure: Wafflemeister in London, UK

Belgian waffles topped with rich gelato ice cream, chocolate sauce and juicy, sweet red strawberries. I'm not sure if anything could sound yummier during this summer season... Sitting outside with the hint of a gentle, cool breeze and that delightful summer sunshine you can only wish for in your dreams. 

Just imagine it. Freshly warmed belgian waffles with slightly sweet, crispy, sugary coating on the outside. But wait, then comes the luscious scoop of creamy, dreamy gelato...And yet, there's more. Bite sized pieces of seasonal summer strawberries are put alongside the ice cream all waiting to be drizzled with rich melted chocolate. 

Wafflemeister is THE ultimate place to go. Even though I only have two photos, they sum it all up. I don't think any more words are needed. Highly recommended!


Chilli Crab... and Reverse Bungy!

If you've been reading any of my past posts, I'm sure you know by that I am leaving Singapore... which means... I've made a summer list (NOT bucket list - that connotes death!) of things I want to do before I leave Singapore this Sunday. On this list, unsurprisingly, includes a long list of restaurants but also a few other tidbits. The most important thing I promised myself I would do is the GMAX Reverse Bungy located in one of Singapore's most happening nightlife spots - Clarke Quay! Well anyways... I DID THE BUNGY NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE! It was such a blast! Here's photos of both the times I went (note how I did one during daylight hours and one at night to get the full experience!)
Anyways, I got a bit carried away up there.. but this bungy is amazing: thrilling, fun, you even get a good view! 

But back to what this post is supposed to be about: CHILLI CRAB. If you come to Singapore and don't eat chilli crab, I would suggest you take a flight back down here just to get a taste of this local dish with the most mouth watering flavors and crab.. yum. Fresh mud crabs are cooked and placed in a chilli- and tomato-based gravy. Corn flour and beaten eggs help to thicken and flavor the gravy. You MUST be prepared to get down and messy to enjoy the whole experience. The crab is served completely with its shell on and the dish has to be eaten with one's hands. Don't worry, restaurants provide plenty of washing bowls and wet towels as well as clampers to crack the crab shell and long picks to help get the flesh out. Oh and one more thing... DEEP FRIED BUNS. Yum-my! They have a slightly sweet flavor and are best used to dip into the gravy!