Indescribable in Words - Wine Tour and "Delights" [Chianti Region, Tuscany...Italia]

Continuing the Italian theme (and the fact that I couldn't not mention this), while we were staying in Chianti, we - obviously - had to do a wine tour. We chose the option to do a wine tour beginning at 11:30 am followed by a wine tasting (none for me!) and gastronomical delights, which as you will see was MUCH more than just some delights! We drove about 45 minutes from our villa to the site of the tour and reached just in time...oops.. Yup! That's me on the left!
The tour began with a brief description of several types of wine, a view of the lovely region and was followed by a journey through the winery where we could see huge barrels and even old & dusty wine bottles. Sure, the tour was great, but to be honest, I was just looking forward to the food (I mean.. seriously!). Before I proceed, the name of the place was Castello di Verrazzano. It was an out-of-this world experience and a must if you are the region.. and I'm saying not just any old wine tour - one at Castello di Verrazzano (see picture).

The wine tasting platter included five different types of wine (the four pictured in the center in the picture plus a dessert wine that was served in a shot glass). Unfortunately, I don't remember any of the wines that my parents tasted, but rest assured they loved ALL of them. Moving on to the star of the show:

I hope the picture spoke for itself. The ingredients were absolutely fresh, delicious and outright amazing. My mom even opted for the vegetarian platter and it was equally, if not more, fabulous. Starting with the bruschetta, you're supposed to maker your way around the plate (counter clockwise). So here goes: bruschetta, several types of melt-in-the-mouth deli meats, tuscan bread with absolutely fantastic olive oil, pecorino cheese, goats cheese with honey and in the center - cabbage with that same to-die-for olive oil. Just delights, they say...

The strong, but sweet dessert wine was served with the best almond biscotti I have ever tried in my life. At this point, I don't know if I will ever come across better.

All said and done, this was the highlight of my trip. It. Was. Amazing.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of recipes. It's hard when I'm all over the world! Don't worry, my own recipes will be coming soon once we're all settled in London (by the end of August!).

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