Coffee. Cream. COFFEE CREAM ~~~~ Italy.

Since I last posted in London, I have been globe trotting around the world.. Ok, maybe not globe trotting exactly, but I have been traveling - A LOT! I began in Singapore, stayed in London for a week, then went on a family trip to Italy. This first stint in Italy included a one day stop in Pisa to see the Leaning Tower, a two day adventure in the Tuscan highlands of Chianti, a two day historical experience in Florence and ended with the touristy water city, Venice. The trip was hectic, crazy but absolutely amazing! We ate delicious food (another post to come on this later!) and enjoyed every single bit. From there I ventured to New York and then found myself in Italy (Rome!) again. I'm back in London now, but am going to Mumbai for a couple of days soon followed by Singapore and will finally be back in London for good in the middle of August. However, the focus of this post is something as insignificant as coffee cream - but really it's not insignificant at all!

The first time I came across coffee cream was in some random cafe in Venice where my dad stopped to get his evening cafe latte (NOT just a latte - that simply means hot milk in Italy!). I saw a couple of people drinking coffee cream in a small cup, but shrugged it off and opted for some rich gelato instead. A week later, I was in a cafe in Rome and my mom and uncle were having a cappucino in the afternoon. The heat was killer so I was honestly hoping to get something cool when my cousin asked to try the coffee cream. She gave me a try of her try (!) and I was hooked at once. We were on the run, so I got it in a takeaway cup topped with cocoa powder.

Coffee, cream, sweet, cold, delicious, light.. the PERFECT cool down. Mmmmm...

Two days later, we were back at the same cafe for breakfast and I ordered a strawberry tart accompanied by coffee cream topped with freshly whipped panna (cream) and let me tell you... it was significantly better than the first time and that's saying a lot. It's funny how the most quaint and unassuming things are the little tidbits that make our life.. That was what this coffee cream was to my trip! Don't skip it if you are in Italy and would love a sweet coffee flavor. Beats a Starbucks frappucino any day (in Italy, that is). 

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