Delicious Dishes in Denmark

First of all, sorry I've been so MIA lately. School and college stuff is taking over my life. Anyways, I took one major step today and have submitted my main UK applications. I definitely feel relieved and am ready to work on the next step of my applications, as well as focus on progressing my life and leaving enough time to have some fun.

In all of this, I happened to remember summer and the super carefree mind I had a few months ago. Nostalgic about summer, I was glancing through some of my pictures and came across two that I had taken in Copenhagen, Denmark:
On the left is a picture of the dish I ordered, when my family and I decided to try out typical Danish cuisine. The whole experience was absolutely amazing and my one day in Copenhagen is tied for first place as the best day of summer. The meal was fantastic - the food, the setting (riverside!), the weather and most of all, the company. My family is the best, and I would never ever want anybody to replace them. Anyways, you may be wondering what we ate - Smorrebrod! Smorrebrod is a Scandinavian open-faced sandwich served with either thick white bread or dark rye bread. Toppings range from roast beef, steaks, boiled eggs, vegetables, shrimp, smoked salmon, fish, chicken salad. Let's be honest here; the options could go on forever. What I ordered was supposedly "strips of beef with caramelized onions and a fried egg". The description was accurate for the most part, but the beef was more like a super succulent and flavorful hamburger patty. Whatever it was, it was tasty and filling. My dad went for boiled eggs, with boiled shrimp, mayo and asparagus while my mom chose the fillet of fish option. My sister wasn't overly enterprising and stuck to traditional fish and chips - nevertheless, her choice was just as impressive.

Following the great lunch, we went for an hour-long canal cruise to see Copenhagen in a nutshell. Once the cruise was over, we stopped at the cutest and probably, busiest bakery in Copenhagen. I sure know why it was so crowded - the pastries and treats were to die for. My mom and I shared a strawberry-chocolate fruit tart and this berry marzipan cake on the right. The clear winner was this slice of cake: melt-in-the-mouth buttery vanilla cake, with cream and berry filling, topped with fresh berries and an exclusive marzipan edging. My mouth waters just thinking about it. All this food was clearly satisfying and gave us a boost of energy, so we headed off to Tivoli Gardens to explore more of Copenhagen.

Overall it was a fantastic day, filled with fantastic memories, food and people.

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