The Ever-Famous Flour Bakery in Boston

Last summer, my family and I drove around the East Coast of the USA, touring colleges and catching a glimpse of a part of the USA we had not visited before. As an avid viewer of Food Network, I came across Flour Bakery and Cafe, which was mentioned on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate". Flour bakery is a small chain started by Harvard graduate Joanna Chang, who also now happens to be one of my inspirations after I went to Flour and read more about her. Once I knew we were coming to Boston, I was determined to do whatever it took to come and find this little place. After over an hour of walking, we arrived at one of their three locations. It was afternoon and the perfect time for a little sweet pick-me-up treat. 

I am in love with fruit tarts, so naturally, I chose the fruit tart. However, it was a tough decision between the fruit tart and their sticky buns (speciality) that were shown on Food Network. I do, still, have a picture of the gooey, caramel-y, decadent sticky buns, because my mom chose them. Covered in pecans and an excess of sticky sauce, these sticky buns are to die for and a must have. As for the fruit tart, they were good for someone like me who loves fruit tarts, but were not the best option on the menu, so do make sure you try the sticky buns if you ever make it to Flour Bakery.
We throughly enjoyed our first experience, so two days later, we headed to one of their other locations, where we ate lunch. The salmon and cream cheese sandwich I ate was, hearty, scrumptious and mouth-watering just like everything on their menu. Long story short: GO VISIT FLOUR BAKERY. You will thank me!

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