Best Soft Serve on the Planet

This summer, my dear family and I embarked on a journey to explore the Scandinavian region... In Bergen, Norway, I was introduced to undoubtedly the best soft serve ice cream that could ever exist. Called Softies in that part of the world, this soft serve is out of this world - it has a super-duper creamy consistency, the perfect sweetness and just the right amount of vanilla flavor. The best part, however, were the topping options that came with these softies (oh, and the fact that the serving size is absolutely humongous - which is just even better!). The toppings ranged from hot fudge, to sprinkles, nougat, caramelized nuts, crispy butterscotch, licorice, peppermint, chocolate sprinkles, cocoa powder and many more. They do not skimp with the toppings either; in fact, each softie is rolled around in the topping so that the entire exterior of the softie is coated in the topping(s) of your choice. We spent three days in Bergen, and I ate a softie on every one of these days. Below are my three creations :)
A softie with butterscotch and cocoa. 
A softie with sprinkles. Let me assure you: these are no ordinary sprinkles. 
Now, let's be honest; regular sprinkles look nice and add color to any dessert, but they lack flavor.
Not these sprinkles - they are fabulous: sweet, crunchy and completely unique.
A softie with caramelized nuts and hot fudge. 

No, I can't pick out my favorite because all three were genuinely awesome. But one thing's for sure - they beat any other soft serve any day. (Also note the cool colored spoons). If you ever venture out here, you don't need to go searching for these softies - they are served at any ice cream or coffee store and even at mini-marts. This does not mean they are not special - DO NOT underestimate them in any way.

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