Why Strawberry Chocolate Concoction?

Well, simply put, strawberries and chocolate are the two best things on this universe.

But really, strawberries and chocolate are my two favorite foods in the entire world. Alone they are amazing, but paired together - now, that's one extraordinary combination! They are simply a match made in heaven. Imagine eating a succulent, sweet, juicy, red strawberry dipped in gooey, rich, chocolate. Strawberries and chocolate have been the loves of my life ever since I was about 8 years old. Since then, I have started enjoying my time in the kitchen and have been whipping up recipes and preparing delectable spreads for my (small, but fabulous!) family of four - my parents, my sister and I. It seemed like time to start a blog, so I thought, why not name it my closest link to the foodie world?

Last, but not least, strawberries and chocolate perfectly capture the essence of this blog. I am always trying to create semi-healthy recipes without compromising on taste. Strawberries and chocolate are a pair which exemplify the coming together of the naughty and the nice.

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