Oat Shortbread Cookies with Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Oat flour is magical. No, seriously. I've just had the best luck when using it. I've started incorporating it into my recipes more and more lately, and each one has been such a success!
These cookies are no exception. Let me explain. On Saturday, I made fifteen cookies. On Sunday evening, we had two left. And by we, I just mean the four of us - mom, dad, sister and me! That makes four people, thirteen (large) cookies and two days. 
I can see you thinking, they must be good cookies. Well, you're most definitely on the ball. Does it surprise you that they're good for you too? 
Oh, by the way, if you're drooling by now, I don't blame you!

Full of oats that lend an amazing texture, hints of nutmeg to add that extra kick and most importantly, a generous drizzle of dark chocolate to amplify the richness, these cookies are perfect for dunking, snacking and nibbling!

1 1/2 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup plain flour
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/3 cup coconut oil, room temperature
1/2 cup + 1 tbsp unrefined sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
40 grams dark chocolate, for drizzle

In a food processor, spice grinder or blender, pulse to oats till a coarse flour forms. I like leave small bits of oats so that the final product has a bit of a bite to it, but if you're not a big fan of texture, pulse away until a fine flour forms!

In a small bowl, mix together the oat flour, plain flour, salt and nutmeg.

In a larger bowl, beat together the coconut oil and sugar until creamy. Add the vanilla and egg and beat again.

Gently stir in the dry ingredients until just combined.

Dump the batter/dough on a clean surface and roll in a log. Wrap with cling film and refrigerate for an hour or freeze for 15 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 175 C. Line a large cookie sheet with baking paper.

Remove the cookie dough from the fridge/freezer and slice into 1 cm thick disks. Place on the baking sheet and place in the oven. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown and just about crisp to the touch. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate. When cookies are completely cool, drizzle the chocolate over each cookie. Let the chocolate set for about half an hour before serving.


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