Smoothie Week!

Hi there! For the early bit of this week and all of last week, I have been having a blast making fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast for my mom and myself. My goal was to create a smoothie a day in rainbow order and I think I succeeded for the most part other than blue (because that's really tough!). The colors worked out great, but boy, the smoothies were even better. I always froze some fruit to get that delicious, luscious creamy texture as well as that icy cold feel. To make the smoothie the next morning, I then blended the frozen fruit with some fresh fruit, a sweetener of some sort (honey, agave, sugar, dates) and milk or yogurt. They were D. E. L. I. C. I. O. U. S. Refreshing, healthy and the best summertime breakfast or snack, smoothies are the way to go.

When life gives you fruit, make smoothies!
Yes. That's me. Yes. I did color coordinate my shirts. Yes. I had fun with this. Yes. Summer time, best time. Yes. I love fruits. Now... go make yourself a smoothie!
Comment below for any of the specifics on any of the smoothies.

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