The Most Delicious, Nutritious and Comforting Bowl of Oatmeal

So, as I mentioned in my last post, my family is moving to London.. This means that we're basically trying to clean up as much as possible and especially focus on finishing the ingredients left in out fridge/kitchen/pantry before having to buy just a few necessary items. It so happened to be that we had just the right amount of oats and tons of mix-ins for oatmeal, so when I woke up this morning, I was about to ask my mom whether she wanted me to make us both yummy bowls of oatmeal... when SHE called me from the kitchen and questioned, "Oatmeal today?". I guess that's why we're mother-daughter!

Of course, following this, I did. I grabbed some milk, some water, and the leftover baby oats (which just happened to be the perfect amount for both of us!) and heated them on the stove top. I mixed in a pinch of white sesame seeds, cinnamon and a chopped apple. I continued to stir until creamy and fragrant (the waft of healthy apple pie in the bowl permeated throughout mmm..). I divided the oatmeal into two bowls and topped with chopped pecans, cranberries and a drizzle of honey. It was time to enjoy! 

There's the reflection of my mom sitting across from me! Oh, and it was DELISH and obviously healthy too!

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