Churros con Chocolate: Spain!

Absolutely lip-smacking!
No words to describe this beauty!
Hi guys. Sorry long time no post. Last week was an amazing one! I spent spring break in Spain with my wonderful family. We traveled to Granada, Sevilla and ended our trip in Barcelona. The trip was overall fantastic and spending time with my family is my favorite pastime of all time (YES I love it). Obviously, it goes without saying that food in Spain was beyond amazing - the sweet, the savory, the tapas, the ice cream, the paella... the list just goes on.

But one cannot leave Spain with trying churros dipped in thick, rich, dark chocolate. It is a local delight... and to die for. The warm crispy churros are sprinkled with a generous dousing of sugar. They are then served with a cup of chocolate (it's thick enough to be eaten with a spoon!)

The first photo below is the graffiti on the closed door of the cafe (isn't it absolutely amazing and cute?).

Next comes my first day of trying this drool-inducing treat. I had the most classic version (just a tad of sugar and plain chocolate).

Second time's the charm (referring to the two pictures above) - churros with lotsa sugar and "Swiss" chocolate (the same thick chocolate topped with a huge dollop of freshly whipped cream). YUM!
First time!
All I can say is this: churros and chocolate are a combination made in heaven. Do not, I repeat, do not visit Spain and pass up an opportunity to change your life!

Have a great week! (and apologies for making you hungry... but not really)

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