Strawberry. Chocolate. Custard. TART.

Fruit tarts. Boy, do I love them! But this one: topped with strawberries, a chocolate covered strawberry and filled with the most delicious custard cream ever... Heaven in my mouth. I ate this as a post-Valetnine's day treat with my lovely mom. We both ate the same amazing tart and relished it together with smiles on our faces. We had a great chat and it was so nice to spend some quality time with her before I embarked on my journey to Tanzania (which, by the way, was out of this world!). 

Wondering why I shared this? Well, for one - just look at that gorgeous photo. Two, I love love love love love fruit tarts. And three, it's STRAWBERRY and CHOCOLATE (catch the hint?!). 
Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend :]

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